Welcome to our new website!

Uxenn a posted Aug 19, 15

Welcome to the new website!

The launch of our new website marks the end of the changes Manticore underwent over the past week. Behind the scenes we (the Council), have been working tirelessly on the new website design and pages. 

The reason why we initiated these changes was to change Manticore from just a SWTOR Guild into a full-fledged gaming community. We believe that as a community we can make sure Manticore will continue to grow in both size and strength in the future! All the changes you can find on the dev tracker in a more in-depth post.

The SWTOR Guild <Manticore> will continue to exist of course under Uxenn's leadership with the support of all current officers. Meanwhile, Kidi will be taking charge of our new Final Fantasy XIV division where we aim to build a strong raiding guild too. Last (but certainly not least) the ever-growing popularity of rc-football has not escaped us. Hence why Uxenn has also taken initiative to form a Rocket League division for those who are interested.

Should you have any concerns regarding these changes or any feedback on the new design, feel free to approach any officers!

Kind regards,

The Manticore Council

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